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About All Beings

All Beings™ Nutritional Therapy is the only practice focused on helping both people and pets achieve optimal health through the power of nutrition. Whether you have two legs or four, we can help identify, alleviate, and often reverse the surprising root causes of health issues you’re facing – from digestive problems to blood sugar and brain-related imbalances. 

All BeingsOur Unique Approach

All Beings™ Nutritional Therapy is all about the right food prepared the right way for you or your pet. That's our therapy tool of choice since we've personally seen and witnessed the profound impact nutrition has on all beings. However, we're not your typical nutritional therapy practice and tend to do things a bit differently from the range of clients we help to exactly how we go about helping. Sure, we focus on the underlying causes of disease-promoting dysfunction in the body (vs. the more reactive approach conventional medicine takes) but here are some additional ways we differ from other health practitioners to see if we might be the right fit for you.

All Beings | Function
Body + Brain

Beyond optimizing digestive system function which is the cornerstone of good health for people and pets, we also focus on the correct brain function where needed, namely our influential neurotransmitters (or chemical messengers) responsible for everything from our mood and motivation to our sleep patterns and cravings. Without the right chemical balance in the brain as well, even our most noble diet and exercise efforts can be easily sidetracked.

All Beings | Fuel
Diet + Supplements

Although we believe the right fuel for the body and brain comes from both diet and targeted nutritional supplements for all beings, we make every effort to focus on “food as thy medicine” whenever possible vs. promoting expensive and cumbersome supplements. We understand that life and getting healthy is difficult enough so our goal is to keep our nutritional recommendations simple, manageable, and affordable for the long run.

All Beings | Individuality
Traits + Lifestyle

We not only respect the “bio-individuality” or uniqueness of each client, we also go a little deeper by customizing our nutritional plans based on everything from the state of your digestive system and neurotransmitter function to your blood type, metabolic type, ancestry, food sensitivities, and more. We also consider your work and family commitments, busy schedule, budget, cooking abilities and desire, and overall commitment to health and change. 

All Beings | Science
Nutrition + Biochemistry

We’re science geeks at All Beings meaning we won’t recommend fad diets and instead, take nutrition science and biochemistry very seriously in all that we do. With the health industry full of conflicting and often biased studies, and consumers like you bombarded with so much health-related advertising, we know it can be difficult to know the right path forward. That’s where science comes in… it’s complicated stuff but nothing should be left to interpretation.

All Beings | Connection
People + Pets

We not only uniquely focus on helping people and pets, we also teach the miraculous health connection between them ensuring you realize how your diet, eating habits, and motivation, energy and stress levels impact your furry friend. As living beings, we’re more alike than you might think and when it comes to health, we thrive on the same things: a properly-functioning body and a nutrient-dense, enzyme-filled, anti-inflammatory diet that's customized for each of us.

How did All Beings Come About?

21-year-old Freddie:
Proof that nutrition matters

Like so many health professionals, All Beings stems from years of past personal health challenges and the constant quest to find answers. However, in our case, these health challenges were faced by both our Founder, Kirstin Gulbransen, and her now 21-year-old cat, Freddie. They even shared many of the same medical conditions - as many pet owners and pets do - from intestinal issues and mood disorders to severe back pain that traditional doctors and vets couldn’t help with. Through more than 15 years of research and guinea pig-like testing on themselves, including everything from strict diets to homeopathy, prolotherapy, and acupuncture, they fortunately found and witnessed first-hand the incredible healing power of food and targeted supplements.

Kirstin, All Beings Founder

Now as a Certified Nutritional Therapist through the renowned Nutritional Therapy Association and a Certified Restorative Wellness Practitioner, it’s Kirstin’s goal to share her experience and knowledge in her mission to help as many people, cats, and dogs as possible achieve optimal health through nutrition, hopefully reducing and avoiding the side effects of prescription medicine in the process. She aims to provide you with hope and new options when you might have given up, and to educate you on how the body – both two and four-legged ones – actually works at a scientific level so it’s easier to make the right choices when bombarded with so many “healthy” options and questionable health studies.

As Thomas Edison once wrote: 

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her patient in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”  

We too envision a different future when it comes to achieving optimal health, and believe the path forward is foundationally based on the right food prepared the right way. We’re uniquely about well-being for ALL beings and welcome the chance to help you, somebody you know, or your beloved pet. Get started here!


"The fork is the most powerful tool we have to transform our health & brain." - Dr. Mark Hyman


“Every time I hear of some person’s or some pet’s unnecessary health struggles, their lack of improvement, and the misinformation they’ve often been given, I get so frustrated… and motivated at the same time. I’ve been in their shoes so I can personally relate to the confusion, the despair, and the valuable time lost going down the wrong path. This is why I gave up a successful career in the technology industry to go back to school to become a Certified Nutritional Therapist. I knew I could make a difference helping people like you realize there is a better way to achieve health and healing. I welcome the chance to show you.”

Kirstin, All Beings Founder