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If you’re looking for help with a particular health problem, if you’re frustrated with traditional medicine and prescription medications, or if you’re simply looking to improve your health in the most natural way possible to prevent future disease, you’ve come to the right place. 

All Beings Success Stories

Here’s just a sample of what clients are saying when it comes to working with All Beings.


Full-time student trying to balance health & a hectic school life

“I’m so happy I found Kirstin at All Beings! She uniquely mixes her strong science foundation with an authenticity and dedication that results in the best possible help for her clients, both people and pets. She has extensive knowledge in nutrition, exercise, and disease prevention and focuses on natural ways to help all of our bodies heal and thrive naturally."

Full-time Mom, business owner & self-proclaimed “health beginner”

“As I approached my fiftieth birthday, I started to face some health symptoms that I didn’t understand ranging from anxiety and irritability to sleep problems. I was even feeling a bit down in general which is so unlike me. My doctor offered prescription medication in her attempt to help but I knew there had to be a better, healthier way to attack things. I reached out to All Beings and after an initial health assessment, I was told to change a few core things in my diet and to start taking all-natural amino acid supplements to address the new imbalances in my brain. I was a bit skeptical since no prescription drugs were involved but within days, my mood lifted and I felt like like my normal self! I even started sleeping better, had more energy, and lost that constant worry that was suddenly plaguing me. And then within about a month, I saw significant improvements in my digestive system and my struggling immune system! I still have work to do on the diet and exercise front but I’m so thankful I found All Beings and tried a natural approach to reversing my symptoms before they turned worse.”

Full-time Mom recommitted to healthy living

“Thanks to Kirstin’s guidance, within five weeks I have lost 12.5 lbs! It’s not about the perfect figure; it’s about being healthy. Her program is not the same as your typical diet routine. Instead, I focus on eating healthy fats and proteins – never thinking twice about calories - and occasionally, I have cheat day/days without feeling guilty at all. I gained my self-esteem back and have so much energy to spend more time with my active 6-year-old daughter. Thank you for inspiring me to get back on track again Kirstin!”

Male millennial taking a few shortcuts to better health

“I just started working with All Beings and although it’s hard to hear the things you might have to work on when it comes to your health, I’ve learned that even little changes in diet and lifestyle can make big improvements in my body. For me personally, I immediately started to feel and look better from my energy level throughout the day to my skin and I didn’t even go 100% on the plan I was given! I intend to keep it up and would recommend All Beings to anybody but especially to those of you looking for health changes at a pace that suits you. They really understand how to define a nutritional plan that works for your life.”

Busy Mom & Grandma juggling two generations of kids & a full-time job

“I’ve been going to traditional doctors and getting every test under the sun for decades as I tried to figure out different health problems along the way. But it wasn’t until Kirstin explained how the digestive system worked and the incredible impact a dysfunctional one combined with a poor diet can have on the body – both physically and mentally. I never got any answers all those years but within weeks of working with Kirstin, I saw an immediate reduction in my heartburn, stomach issues, and joint pain. I’ve also learned so much in the process. We’re just getting started but I look forward to continuing to improve my health naturally.”

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