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Nutrition is not an easy topic, especially when you get into the science of the body - whether a two or four-legged one. On this page, we wanted to provide some links to videos and graphics around the Web that we’ve found very helpful when teaching more about nutrition and how our bodies actually work.

An extremely helpful collection of training videos on a variety of topics comes from Crash Course, a popular YouTube channel dedicated to “creating smarter people”. Although the main speaker in these videos talks quickly and you're going to see a very short ad at the beginning of each video, these are some of the most thorough and enjoyable videos available on nutrition and anatomy-related topics. We hope you’ll take the time to watch and learn!

If you’d like to get a bit more scientific, there’s another very helpful resource by Armando Hasudungan who provides a range of biology and medicine videos and diagrams on everything from the digestive system to menopause. Here are a few examples of helpful first videos you might want to check out.

The Fed State - At a very detailed level, learn what happens in the body after you’ve eaten. VIEW>

Inflammation Part 1 – Learn all about inflammation and inflammatory responses in the body. VIEW>

Inflammation Part 2 - Continue to learn how inflammation works in the body. VIEW>

Menopause - Watch this very clear explanation of what’s happening in the female body when it comes to menopause. VIEW>

Cardiovascular Disease Overview – Learn about the various cardiovascular diseases by categories. VIEW>

Cancer Introduction 1 - Learn how cancer develops in the body. VIEW>

Stress Explained - An important video both men and women should watch related to our hormone production and how chronic stress throws these hormones and our bodies out of balance. It also addresses whether cholesterol is good or bad for you. VIEW>

If you’re a pet owner, it’s also important to better understand your dog or cat’s anatomy, physiology, and nutrition, which actually has many similarities to the human system. However, there are critical differences making the following videos and Web pages worth checking out as well. They may not be as slick as the videos above but they still contain very helpful information.

Digestive Anatomy of the Dog – Learn about the dog’s digestive system and why it should follow a carnivorous way of life. VIEW>

Watch an introduction to raw pet food with the owner of a respected raw food manufacturer out of Vancouver, B.C., a pioneering region in the raw food movement. VIEW>

Learn about the unique unique traits of the the dog’s digestive system. View>

Learn about the unique unique traits of the the cat’s digestive system. View>

Review the world's most dangerous foods for dogs. VIEW>

Review the 17 most dangerous human foods for cats. VIEW>



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“Bad digestion is the root of all evil.” – Hippocrates



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